Judge testifies about her conduct after jailing kids in custody fight

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She threw three kids in jail for refusing to see their father during a bitter custody dispute, making headlines around the world.

Now we're seeing video of the controversial hearing for the first time and she is explaining her actions to the Judicial Tenure Commission.

"That's the most ridiculous question I've ever heard," Judge Lisa Gorcyca said in court Tuesday.

But Judge Lisa Gorcyca was on the witness stand instead of the bench - because of her conduct in recorded hearings with the Tsimhoni children in a custody case.

"Your behavior in the hall with me months ago, your behavior in the court room, your behavior right there, is unlike anything I've seen in 46,000 cases," Gorcyca said on tape. "You young man are the worst one."

That was Gorcyca last June admonishing the oldest of the three Tsimhoni children for refusing to have a relationship with his father. The video was played in court as Gorcyca is accused of misconduct in office and lying to the judicial tenure commission - all going back to this case.

On video Gorcyca says: "You're clearly very messed up. You have bought yourself at Children's Village going to the bathroom in public. Maybe summer school, I don't know."

She compared the oldest child to Charles Manson's cult. Gorcyca sent him to Mandy's Place - a division of Children's Village Detention Center.

"Dad if you ever think that he has changed and therapy has helped him and he's no longer like Charlie Manson's cult then you let us know and we can do it," Gorcyca said in the recording.

Gorcyca is also under fire for making that circular motion around her head - she denies she was calling the kid crazy. She instead offered this explanation:

"If 'LT' had made any forward movement as a result of the therapy he would soon be receiving, simulating the motion of a wheel moving forward,'" she said in a statement read by an attorney. 

Lawyers with the Judicial Tenure Commission also played video of the other two Tsimhoni children in court - the little girl clearly crying as her attorney explains she's unable to make the child comply with the court's order.

"She's absolutely refusing to cooperate even with me," the attorney said in the recording.

"Oh how interesting," Gorcyca replied. "I have never seen anything like this. One day you can watch this video and realize you two have been brainwashed. Your dad is a good man who loves you. You have been brainwashed."

The judge now on the stand is explaining her actions.

"The video is the video," Gorcyca said. "The transcript is the transcript. I said a lot of things on there and was very clear that they held the keys to their exit. I was very clear that it was up to them."

Since then the children have spent much of their time with their father, a new judge has the case and they have also seen their mother. But this case has to do with Gorcyca and her future - she will be back in court Wednesday.