Judge Vonda Evans denies Bob Bashara new trial

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Judge Vonda Evans has denied Bob Bashara a new trial.

The Grosse Pointe Park man was found guilty of several charges, including first-degree murder, in the death of his wife, Jane, back in 2012. Bashara maintains he had nothing to do with her murder and that his defense team was ineffective.

Bashara's attorneys argue that he was not given a fair trial and that he was portrayed as a monster by prosecutors and the media.

"He clearly signed an affidavit which your attorney took the bait, accepted it, and believed it would set you free," said Judge Vonda Evans. "But you never dreamed that this idiot you claimed -- would outmaneuver master Bob."

Bashara specifically cited an affidavit signed by handyman Joseph Gentz, originally saying he acted alone in the murder. But Gentz later testifying -- Bob Bashara told him to kill her.

Jane Bashara found dead in 2012 and 57-year-old Bashara demanding a new trial after his first-degree murder conviction -- calling his defense team ineffective -- also blaming police, and the media for an unfair trial.

"You were afforded privileges that no other defendant has been provided in Wayne County in my 19 years tenure on the bench," she added.

Right now Bashara has 42 days to appeal Judge Evans' decision. His attorney says - that's the plan.

"I fall on the sword on this one because there's a lot more I could've done, that I should've done," said Ronald Ambrose, an appellate attorney.

Bashara was then seen laughing and putting his head in his hands.

Judge Evans then spent several minutes going into Bashara's marital affairs that were brought up during trial, for which Bashara had testified he received permission from Jane to go outside the marriage.

"But what about Jane?" Judge Evans asked. "A proverbial lamb led to slaughter because you wanted to get what you wanted - her money and your freedom."

After remarks that lasted more than 30 minutes, Judge Evans says the court found Bashara’s attorney failed to prove his previous legal counsel was deficient, and that there is o newly discovered evidence that would exonerate Bashara. She also stated there has not been a miscarriage of justice and denied all of his motions.

The 57-year-old had been previously sentenced to life in prison in connection with Jane’s killing. 

You can also watch a replay of Judge Vonda’s remarks here