Jury selection underway in Dominion Voting lawsuit against FOX News

Jury selection began Thursday in Dominion Voting Systems' defamation lawsuit against FOX News. 

The election technology company is suing FOX for $1.6 billion over claims the network knowingly aired false statements that Dominion rigged its voting systems to benefit then-candidate Joe Biden. 

During jury selection, lawyers for FOX and Dominion will ask jurors questions about their background, including whether they watch FOX News. Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric M. Davis prohibited lawyers from asking potential jurors how they voted in the 2020 election.

Lawyers for both sides will have the opportunity to object to a certain number of jurors during this questioning process -- called voir dire.

Judge Davis has already ruled that Dominion proved that the statements FOX aired were false. The 12-person jury will have to decide whether the statements were made knowingly and with actual malice -- a high legal standard in American law. 

Opening statements are set to begin Monday in Delaware.

Editor’s note: FOX News and FOX Television Stations share ownership under parent company FOX Corporation.