Kardashian Bakery in Taylor fights to keep mannequin 'Claudia' outside as city cracks down

A mannequin Claudia did everything but cook at the Kardashian Bakery and Grill in Taylor until the city began cracking down on businesses violating its outdoor sign ordinance.

"She's our marketing person. She draws a lot of attention from people that drive by. A lot of people know that we're open when she's outside," Sandra Kardashian said.

She says she was told Claudia is a distraction.

Sandra Kardashian owns the Armenian bakery along with her husband Hratch. They serve up pizzas and baked goods in wood-fired brick oven and say their business has cooled down since the City of Taylor ordered them to bring Claudia indoors.

The mayor of Taylor says the code enforcement team was focusing on illegal banners pennants streamers and balloons outside of businesses when they happened to come across the restaurant and saw the mannequin in front of it.

"If I keep her out, I get charged $160 per day and then I would have to go before a judge and see what the judge has to say," Sandra said.

The City of Taylor explained it's rationale in a message on its site saying:

"Business signage, under the law, is meant to identify the location - not to advertise or distract. Signage can become a safety issue, blocking the view of the right-of-way, sidewalks and becoming distracting to motorists."

Taylor Mayor Rick Sollars says he wants the Kardashian Bakery and Grill to succeed, but Sandra, Hratch and even Claudia Kardashian have to keep up with the signage laws.

The mayor says the owners could appeal to the zoning board for an exemption to the ordinance a barring them from keeping Claudia in front of the restaurant.

The owners say could buy a trailer, put in the parking lot and put Claudia on top of it.

Lastly, if you're wondering about the last name -- yes, they are related to the Kardashians from the reality TV show.