Kayla Sedoskey murder: Monroe County man convicted after luring victim to abandoned building

A man who was set to go to trial in connection with the 2023 murder of Kayla Sedoskey pleaded no contest Tuesday and was convicted.

Brin Smith, 21, of Frenchtown Township, entered a plea for a second-degree murder charge.

Smith is one of several people charged with murdering 23-year-old Sedoskey, whose body was found wrapped in a tarp at the abandoned Boysville Juvenile Detention Center in Frenchtown Township in March 2023.

Authorities say Smith lured Sedoskey to the abandoned Boysville facility under the guise that they would spend time there alone. Once there, Sedoskey was attacked by her killers.

As part of his plea, Smith will receive a minimum prison sentence of 40 years.

Two other people have been convicted in connection with the murder - Seven Bails Jr. and his wife Narena Bails. 


Kayla Sedoskey: Monroe man convicted of murdering 23-year-old mom

Kayla Sedoskey, a 23-year-old mother, was murdered and left in an abandoned detention center in March of 2023. Steven Douglas Bails Jr. is the fourth person convicted of her murder.

In February, Narena Bails and another defendant, Sierra Bemis, entered a plea of no contest to second-degree homicide charges.

In January, Alexander Feko pleaded guilty to evidence tampering and three counts of accessory to a homicide after the fact, according to Monroe County officials.

Bemis, Feko, and Narena Bails all testified in Steven Bails's trial.

Another suspect, Kaylyn Ramsey, is awaiting trial.

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