Kicking off another 21-Day Challenge - tips for water drinking

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FOX 2 is kicking off another 21-Day Challenge - and we want you to join us.

There are 5 Dos and 5 Don'ts. 

On the Do List:

-Lean proteins
-Whole grains

On the Don't List:

-White flour products
-Fried foods

One of the biggest keys to success is water. And there is an approach that might make drinking it more, easily.

Shannon Pearce, a registered nurse at St. John Providence and wellness coach shares a few tricks to drinking more of it.

She suggests four large glasses of water a day at strategic times:

-One right when you wake up.
-A second about 20 minutes before lunch.
-A third 20 minutes before dinner or as you are prepping dinner. Or on the drive home from work.
-A fourth spread throughout the day. 

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