Kittens found bludgeoned in Hazel Park street

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A family in Hazel Park returned home to find a horrific case of cruelty on their street.

Kittens were discovered left for dead - in a violent manner. Now police are investigating.

"My mom, brother and I were pulling out and she was like what is that in the middle of the street," said Katie Yonkos. "I thought it was a possum or something. My mom said it was a kitten. And I was like, mom there's another one."

It was an absolute horror for the Yonkos family, which pulled out of their driveway Thursday to find Eveyln Street near Caledonia dotted with dead cats. They then called their dad outside.

"The kittens, they were like this big, little balls of fur," said Phil Yonkos. "I was freaked out. I am not a big cat fan but everything deserves to live."

The Yonkos family called police and Hazel Park officers and Oakland County Animal Control quickly arrived, telling them their gruesome discovery of three dead cats was no accident.

"They looked like they had been bounced out of a moving car window," Phil Yonkos said. "Because one of the kittens had a blood splat and its eyeball sticking out. That was horrible. The police came, checked it out and agreed that it was blunt force trauma."

This is not the first time Hazel Park has been in fear of a cat killer. In the fall of 2015, four feral cats were found fatally beaten.  The person responsible was never found.

Police are investigating, trying to determine if the same person may be responsible for bludgeoning these little kittens to death.

"That is just terrible whoever would do that like my wife says, I hope karma gets them," Phil said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hazel Park police (248-542-6161 right away.