Kwame Kilpatrick asks for pardon, clemency in blog post

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DETROIT - OCTOBER 28: Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick appears in Wayne County Circuit Court for his sentencing October 28, 2008. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is asking for a presidential pardon and clemency in a blog post Tuesday.

Kilpatrick, writing on the Free Kwame Project website, he said that "I am ready (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) to go home!" in an update titled "Ready for the second-half ... it's time."

The disgraced ex-mayor who has 19 years left on his federal prison sentence, wrote about the changes he has undergone spiritually while in prison. 

"By God’s grace, I have received a pardon from Him, through Christ Jesus. I pray that I will receive the opportunity for Pardon/Clemency from the President of the United States as well," he writes.

Kilpatrick, now 47, blogged about how he "betrayed his own wife and family because of my own lust and sin." He also wrote about missing valuable time with his family while serving his 28-year sentence for extortion, bribery, conspiracy and other crimes during his years in office.

"I have missed important moments in my sons lives; puberty, graduations, college entrance, basketball and football games, awards, and even the most important moments when they need their father’s counsel, presence and love," he wrote. "I destroyed my marriage, and the irreparable harm has cause great pain to Carlita and our sons as well."

Kilpatrick first was elected mayor in 2001. He resigned in 2008 following a text-messaging sex scandal involving his chief of staff. He also was charged with lying during a civil trial and jailed.

President Donald Trump had made headlines with pardons including recently to conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza on May 31.

The family's latest push supporting Kilpatrick includes the website as a vehicle to collect donations and T-shirts for the Freedom and Justice Trust. 

His youngest son, Jonas Kilpatrick, also released a music video called "Too Much Time," under the name JoJo tha DoughBoi. 

"Our country has always been the land of 2nd Chances," he writes. "I am hoping, confidently expecting, that I will have the opportunity to boldly move into the next season of my life; outside of these prison walls."

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