Landlord arrested for blasting tenant with shotgun in SW Detroit

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A landlord was arrested after police say he shot one of his tenants.

Neighbors say the shooting from Wednesday night stemmed from a confrontation that got out of hand. Detroit Police say the owner of a residence on Navy Street is in custody for a using a shotgun to shoot his tenant.

The 35-year-old victim was hospitalized in critical condition. Neighbors shared cell phone video of him before he was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

The incident happened at about 10:45 in evening when arguing ended with gunfire.  Detroit police say the suspected shooter, the 53-year-old landlord remains in custody, and has not been arraigned.

"We heard a shot, then we of course we looked through the windows," said neighbor Juanita Moreno. "One of the guys said I told you not to touch me. As soon as he shot the other guy, he ran down the street."

"My mother came in and said there is some noise outside," said Brett Vivoda, a neighbor. "I saw the cops pull up, I sat out here and basically saw the action unfold. Something had been going on for the past while, I don't know."

The tenant apparently moved into the house not too long ago, neighbors here on this street say there had been a lot of arguing between him and the owner, and things escalated.

Neighbors also say the tenant pulled out a knife on the homeowner, who had been trying to get him to move out.

FOX 2: "Any idea on what the arguments had been over?

"Stupid (expletive), toilet paper, food, the refrigerator, everything petty," said Brett. "Stuff that will really bite your nerves."

Meanwhile, Juanita Moreno who lives next door is grateful her young children were not outside at the time of the shooting.

"We never expected something to happen," Moreno said. "Good thing it was at night, we were already upstairs asleep. But it would have been bad if it was during the day, for the kids since they are always outside."