Lansing insider expects bill to end permits for CPL holders to pass in senate

Michigan residents may be allowed to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

Some lawmakers think too many law abiding citizens get into serious trouble because they don't have a concealed weapons permit. But others worry the move would make us all less safe.

FOX 2 Lansing insider Tim Skubick weighed in.

"This is a classic political gun battle with the police on one side and the NRA on the other," he said. "And so far the NRA is winning."

The four bill package including CPL motion was introduced earlier this week by the House.

Under current Michigan law to get a concealed weapon permit, you've got to go to the state, pay the state some money, pass a test and pass a background check.  The state, which makes money from it, then issues a permit.

Proponents say that it is a waste of time and waste of money because if you have a gun, you've already cleared a background check, you already have a gun and all you're doing is putting it under your coat and you shouldn't have to pay a tax in order to do that," Skubick said. "The police believe that concealed weapons are a dangerous situation and they have the police fighting this and I believe they are losing that fight."

"I believe there are enough votes to pass it and it will likely pass in the state Senate unless something changes here at the 11th hour."

But even if it makes it to the Gov. Snyder's desk will he sign it?  Skubick says that it is a very good question.

"This governor is not as pro-gun as a lot of the NRA people would like him to be," Skubick said. "He has vetoed legislation before about guns in schools but this is not quite the same thing, kids are not involved so it's not quite as an emotional issue. But it is for the people can that carry concealed weapons, and they say we have got a right to do this without having the state to pay this and the other side says no you don't and we'll see which side wins."

Skubick said the state Senate is expected to vote on the four bill package Wednesday.