Four family members killed in massive Lapeer County fire; neighbors report explosion

A home in a Lapeer County village burned to the ground Monday and neighbors said that multiple people died in a fire that started early Monday morning.

The Dryden Village home was a total loss after a blaze started around 5 a.m. 

Neighbors said that four people died in the fire and the fire chief later confirmed the fatalities. They included a great-grandmother, a mother, and two teenage grandkids

Viewer video from the fire showed flames several feet high sticking out of the roof. Hours later, aerial footage of the home showed most of it gone, with debris in and around the property. 

"It shook the house. It was scary. Very scary," neighbor Nicole Tanis said.

According to neighbors that were on the scene, they first heard an explosion before trying to help. However, by the time people arrived, the home was fully engulfed in flames. 

"We heard a big explosion, and I woke my boyfriend up. I was like, ‘Oh, my god. This house is on fire,'" said neighbor Lindsay Wentworth." It was so engulfed in flames that you could see the other trailers on the other side were getting burned up too."

Homes that were adjacent to the fire sustained damage to the exterior.

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The scene was still active around 10 a.m., with evidence of the ruins smouldering.

A home in Dryden Village on fire. Photo courtesy of Nick Lewis. 

Both state police and local authorities were on-site for the fire. 

"It absolutely affects the entire community. A very close-knit community here. Everyone looks out for each other. The whole community is very devastated right now," said Dryden Township Fire Chief Mark Hagemister.