Vigil held for 22-year-old who died rescuing her cousin from the Detroit River

Twenty two-year-old Diamond Shelton died by drowning on Friday, March 18, after jumping into the Detroit River to help one of her cousins who'd fallen in.

Diamond's family held a vigil to honor her and to say their goodbyes on Sunday afternoon. The family wore diamond-shaped stickers; her mother had diamond shapes shaved into her hair.

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"You came together you leave together. We always looking out for each other. Blood look out for blood," said Tiffanie Williams, a cousin of Diamond's.

Diamond, along with two of her cousins, were at a canal on the Detroit River when around 4 a.m. one of them fell in.

Diamond jumped in to help her cousin. The other cousin called 911 and also jumped in to try and help.

"Her instinct just jumped in - she didn’t think about that she couldn’t swim. She just felt like ‘I gotta help’," said Denise Williams, Diamond's aunt.

"You see family in distress first thing you want to do is help out," said Tiffanie.

Detroit police and firefighters responded to the scene and all three women were pulled from the water. The two cousins survived, but Diamond later died.

Diamond was a mother of a 1-year-old baby girl.

"Diamond was a beautiful person, beautiful soul, friendly… and just was full of life," said Denise.

She was one of eight children. She had dreams of one day working in the medical field.

"You see us … we’re all raised together. We hung out in the same household, slept in one bed on the floor … wherever … family tight-knit."

The family set up a GoFundMe to help fund a proper burial for Diamond. Anyone interesting in donating can do so here.