Lapeer County man gets life in prison for pregnant girlfriend's murder

A Lapeer County man will spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering his pregnant girlfriend back in 2016. Prosecutors said he planned to kill others but was arrested after a wild police chase.

"Your soul cannot be banished to hell. You have no soul. You have no heart. You're an empty shell, and a waste of space," said godparent of the victim.

These strong words were echoed by nearly everyone in the Macomb County courtroom Thursday as 39-year-old Jeremiah Boshell was sentenced.

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"I think in my 24 years as an attorney, I have not seen such a cold, calculated individual," said Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor Jean Cloud.

Boshell, whose brother is also in prison for murdering his significant other, was found guilty of half a dozen charges, including first degree murder and infliction of a miscarriage for the horrific death of his pregnant girlfriend, 38-year-old Lisa Fabbri of Macomb Township in August 2016.

"You were a master manipulator. You used her to get whatever you wanted," said the victim's cousin, Diane Gai.

Prosecutors said  Boshell shot his girlfriend once in the forehead while she sat in the driver's seat of her car in Lenox Township. Boshell then hid her body, still in her car, in a field behind a friend's home.

Police: Murder suspect also planned killing spree, was heavily armed when arrested

"We wished her a long happy and loving life, but then she met you Jeremiah Boshell and that dream ended," the godparent said.

Prosecutors said the next day, Boshell, armed with a shot gun, an AR-15 and a hand gun, headed to Lapeer. Police said he was "ready to go out in a blaze of glory," telling his father he was going to take out two guys he used to work with at a transmission shop.

"You murder another human being and within a short space of time - an hour or so - you're meeting your father, and you're not breaking down in tears," said Judge Carl J. Marlinga.

Police found him wearing a tactical vest and during a high-speed police chase, prosecutors said he fired two shots, one directed at a bystander. But Boshell only admitting to that: fleeing police and weapons charges, not the murder of his girlfriend and unborn child.

"I'm innocent so I can't apologize for something I didn't do. ... I'm not perfect but I'm not a killer," he said.

But the judge said Boshell is at a level of selfishness and evil that most would never encounter in their lifetime.

"Killing was just what you were about and so for that, I'm sentencing you to life," he said.

And although Boshell could be up for review in roughly 15 years, the judge left his input to the parole board, making sure freedom will never be an option.

"I want you to serve life and I don't want you to get out," he said.