Larry Nassar victim says he asked to record treatments to show other docs

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Calling him a master of manipulation and a calculated child molester, more victims of Larry Nassar came forward Monday.

"This is not okay, nothing about this is okay," said Kamerin Moore. 

"You molested a little girl who just lost her father," said Krista Wakeman.

The women along with their parents confronted Nassar, the fired former MSU and Team USA doctor during the fifth day of his sentencing.

Young women recalled getting these so-called treatments in Nassar's basement. She said Nassar also molested her brother  and that he asked to video tape him sexually abusing her.

"You told me that it was so you could teach other doctors to do the same," Wakeman said. "What a great educator you are."

"You're a sick man Larry and I hope you rot in prison because that is where you belong," Moore said. "And we all know what happens in prison to child molesters."

The details are painful and graphic.

"I would cry because it hurt," said Clasina Syrovy. "It felt like he was ripping my vagina apart."

One mother read a statement in court  for her daughter.

"She said good luck, I love you," the woman read. "You show Larry how tough we are and call him out for the sick bastard he is."

A girl, Emma Ann Miller, is just 15 years old now and says her mother is still receiving bills for appointments where he molested her. 

The university did not return calls for comment Monday.

"Larry Nassar I hate you," Miller said. "And instead of getting up at your sentencing to give a hollow and insincere apology you could outline all the times for me, for us."

Many women say they are still impacted physically with old injuries that weren't properly treated. Meanwhile these women and many others are calling for the president of MSU to resign, asking why no one protected them.

"MSU did nothing to stop this," said Syrovy.
Three USA Gymnastics leaders announced their resignations. President and CEO of USA Gymnastics Kerry Perry issued a statement that said:

"We support their decisions to resign at this time. We believe this step will allow us to more effectively move forward in implementing change within our organization."