Larry Nassar victims' voices heard as graphic testimony continues

No one listened to them for decades, but this week, one-by-one, Larry Nassar's victims are finally being heard.

The former MSU and team USA physician is facing a four-day sentencing hearing in which a total of 105 of his sexual abuse victims are expected to speak. By Thursday, dozens had been heard and Nassar gave the judge a letter, asking for the testimony to stop, saying the judge has turned it into a media circus.

"I dont have a dog in this fight sir. I didn't orchestrate this, you did, by your actions and by your plea," Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina said to him.

Calling the six-page letter "mumbo jumbo," Aquilina was disgusted by the letter Nassar tells her it's too hard for him mentally to listen to his victims speak.

"Considering the hours of pleasure you had at their expense and ruining their lives, none of this should come as a surprise to you," she said.

The judge reiterated that she doesn't want even one of Nassar's roughly 140 victims to lose their voice. First to speak on Thursday was former gymnast and Olympic bronze medal winner Jamie Dantzcher, who says she attempted suicide because of Nassar's sexual abuse.

"I'm not going to say again everything you did to me because I know a sick bastard like you will enjoy it hearing it," she said.

Many of Nassar's victims are refusing to accept his empty apology.

"You're a pathetic monster that is only sorry you got caught," she said.

The testimony throughout the past few days has been graphic and even more heartbreaking. Prosecution read a letter from Olympian McKayla Maroney.

"He had given me a sleeping pill for the flight and the next thing I know I was all alone in his hotel room. I thought I was going to die that night," she wrote.

One of Nassar's victims is now only 16 years old.

"You seem to have a hard time looking at me now but you didn't when I was half-naked on your table," Arianna Gurruro said.

Another victim called Nassar a "craftsman of manipulation." Many of these women are calling out everyone who failed to protect them.

"He is a sick, evil man. Those who allowed his behavior to continue, notably Michigan State University, who knew and did nothing, are also sick, evil people and are equally as liable," said Melody Posthuna-Vanderbeen.

As Nassar sits quietly and listens, these victims believe he sexually abused hundreds, even thousands of others. 

"You took our voices for years, and now we are going to take yours. You are a coward," Gurruro said.