Larry Smith, exonerated after 26 years in prison is welcomed home by his community

Larry Smith was exonerated after spending 26 years in prison for a crime he says he did not commit. 

Community members rallied around Smith to welcome him home on Sunday. 

Smiths' family says they are happy that he is home and that they never gave up on him. 

Smith says, "You had to get private investigator the right experts get stamps and it’s all on a limited budget no matter how much your family can send you you have to always remember you’re taking out of their plate."

Pastor Terrence Devezin of the United Kingdom Church says they often hold ceremonies like this and have welcomed home at least 30 exonerees.

"I am saddened to some degree that they lost so much of their lives based on a bunch of lies that were told and wrongfully convicted and then the other reaction is I’m excited all over again because they have a new start," says Devezin. 

Smith says he knows he can not get the time lost back but plans on spending his time out raising awareness for the wrongfully convicted. 

Family and friends have created a GoFundme for Smith . You can donate here: