Last-minute Thanksgiving shoppers talk inflation, cooking plans

The holiday frenzy is in full swing as last-minute shoppers flock to local stores for final groceries needed to serve the perfect Thanksgiving Day feast.

At the Meijer on 8 Mile in Detroit, shoppers said they are feeling the pain of inflation this Thanksgiving. 

Monica Kennedy bought chips, dip, breakfast sausage, turkey, and candied yams, she said. However, the price was much heftier than expected – she spent about $40 more compared to Thanksgiving 2022. 

"For a budget it is (substantial)," Kennedy said. "You got to have it."

The staff at Holiday Market in Royal Oak said they were "slammed busy" on Wednesday.

"I’m last-minute, picking up some things for my mom," said one shopper, Gina Parks. "She’s cooking today and celebrating tomorrow."

Parks has her plan mapped out.

"I think I have to make the banana pudding. My sister was supposed to make the macaroni, but I may have to do it," she said. Another customer at the store had already "grabbed the stuffing."

Another customer got to the last stuffing at Holiday Market before Parks could, but she said her mother will most likely make home-made stuffing anyway. 

Store Manager Erik Schneider started his shift early and has kept the operation rolling all day.

Holiday Market was "very busy earlier in the morning," Schneider said. "A little lull came with lunchtime, but obviously you got the dinner rush, people are off of work, anyone who was working today, or kids finishing up school."