Family holds book release for Detroit Fire Sergeant, who died last year

Detroit Firefighter Sergeant Sivad Johnson lost his life last year while saving three young girls off the shores of Belle Isle. 

Johnson was with the Detroit fire department for 26 years, and family and friends say he was an inspiration to many. 

Saturday marked six months after his death, and Johnsons family revealed his book he had been writing before he passed "Becoming a Diamond- The strongest, most valuable version of you."

"I would describe it as a memoir with a message," says Eboni Thomas Johnson's sister. 

Johnson was an inspirational speaker and a storyteller.

Eboni, an editor, worked to get the book published after his tragic death. 

"His goal was to have it published before the end of the year, and so things happened that were unexpected, and my goal was to make sure his wishes were fulfilled," said Thomas. 

His family says that he has been an inspiration to people of all ages and always encouraged others to be themselves. 

"I've gotten a letter from a 6-year old boy with crayon talking about he wrote about my bother for his school project because of how inspirational he was, " says his brother Jamal Johnson. 

You can order a copy of the book at