Law enforcement begins drunken driving crackdown

The Michigan State highway patrol is kicking off its spring campaign to keep the roads safe. Their target -- drunk drivers.

Starting Wednesday, a crackdown of drunk drivers will be in full effect. It's not just for temporarily for St. Patrick's Day; it also encompasses the time of March Madness and spring breaks. The federally-funded blitz ends April 4.

"We're not saying that you can't go out and have a good time; we're just telling you to go out there and have a good time but be responsible about it, and if you're not responsible about it, the least possible thing that could happen to you is you spend the night in jail," says MSP Lt. Michael Shaw. He said patrols will be out during the days and at nights.

VIDEO: Hear from David Easterbrook, whose daughter died after she was hit by a drunken driver going 100 mph.