Lawsuit alleges Farmington Public Schools discriminates against Black teachers, students

A lawsuit filed this week against Farmington Public Schools alleges that the district discriminates against Black teachers, students, and staff.

"This is a pandemic. It is a national problem. It is a national disgrace," attorney Leonard Mongo said.

Former Deputy School Superintendent Aaron Johnson says he was constructively discharged after he spoke out against what he says are racist policies and practices. He says he witnessed these practices between 2015 and 2019.

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"We were targeted. We were targeted to either stop bringing these things to light. In various ways we were not only asked directly but indirectly treated with disdain," he said.

Johnson is seeking $15 million in punitive damages. He said the bigger issue was how students were allegedly treated on a consistent basis.

"It wasn’t just a couple of adults saying the students are being treated like this," he said. "The students themselves came forward and said, ‘You have treated me like this throughout my schooling experience.’"

During a press conference Monday, he read statements from some Black students.

"Black kids wake up every day and face racism, we have to decide whether or not to fight or just give up and submit to it," he read.

FOX 2 reached out to the school district for a statement, but our call was not returned before this story aired.