Lawsuit alleges man who Detroit police say pointed gun at undercover officers was unarmed when killed

A lawsuit filed against Detroit police after officers shot and killed a man last month contradicts what police say happened.

Michael Contrell Adams was shot by police Aug. 8 after crashing into an unmarked police vehicle.

Original Report: Police said suspect killed after pulling gun on undercover officers

After the fatal shooting, police officials said Adams pointed a gun at the undercover officers who were in that unmarked vehicle. However, a lawsuit against the Detroit Police Department alleges that Adams was unarmed.

Police said Adams was in a stolen Dodge Charger that crashed into the unmarked vehicle while police were doing surveillance in an area known for street racing and drifting. According to police, there were roughly 200 cars in the area that night.

According to police, one of the passengers, identified as Adams, in the Charger allegedly got out of the car and pointed a gun at the undercover officers, who then fired several shots at him.

However, the lawsuit alleges that Adams was unarmed and did not know the police were officers because they were wearing plainclothes and did not identify themselves. According to the suit, Adams ran around the Charger and into the group of spectators. He was allegedly running away from the officers when he was shot.

The lawsuit also alleges that a gun found at the scene was not near Adams.

FOX 2 reached out to DPD for a statement. The department said, "We are not going to comment on the pending litigation, but thank you for the opportunity."