Layoffs coming to DTW as airlines struggle to stay afloat travel reductions

A second grim reality is coming for the airline industry. As air travel dried up almost 95% when the pandemic hit, airlines experienced some of the harshest impacts of any business. United Airlines recently warned it could soon furlough 36,000 employees - almost half its workforce. 

Air travel is returning slowly, but most travelers will find they still have both the aisle seat and window seat to themselves when flying.

With no return to normal anytime soon, the shockwaves from shrinkage in business will soon be hitting county airports. Many at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Airport are fearing the same.

How exactly that looks is to be determined, however.

"The number of layoffs and separations has not been determined. Most of Wayne County Airport Authority's workforce is comprised of union employees, and negotiations have not begun, yet," said Lisa Gass, Wayne County Airport Authority.