Left out in the cold: Some Detroiters still without power

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WEB UPDATE (11 p.m.) DTE Energy is reporting that as of Monday night, about 2,500 people are still without power.

It has now been almost a week since that damaging wind-storm and thousands of metro Detroiters are still in the dark.

These repairs are pretty complicated

Sanford Avenue near City Airport - only eight customers are still without power - but it's a big fix - two broken poles, a transformer down and an oil spill created when it crashed to the ground.

"It is going to take four men, two tree trim crews and an oil spill clean-up team most of the day to get those eights customers back in power," said Heather Rivard, DTE Energy.

Similar problems on the west side - tree trimmers hard at work on Robson - where families are waiting and waiting.

"They kept telling us every day - the next day," said Kim McDaniel. "Unfortunately no one’s been here."

McDaniel says their power came back for a little while but is gone again. She's especially worried about her elderly father who is paralyzed and may have to be hospitalized if this goes on much longer.

Reuben Bramble lives down the street - he's been staying with relatives. He's home on this day hoping the power finally comes back.

"We don't have (any) control over it you know," said Bramble. "This is from above. We don't have no control over that - the only thing is it takes so long."

William Butler sure knows that - he's stayed in his home this whole time.

"It's been a kerosene heater and the fireplace," Butler said. "Other than that it's cold."

Turns out Butler worked for DTE for 26 years, retiring in 2013. He understands what they're going through - but he still wants his power back.

"Like I told the linemen when they first come out, thank you all for coming out - work safe - by all means," he said.  "Work safe - but please - get us some power."

Which is exactly what DTE says they're going to do. For these folks - the question is - when.

"We will not stop our efforts until every last customer is restored," Rivard said.