Let It Rip: GOP Detroit debate special

The eyes of the political world were on Detroit tonight.

The GOP debate hosted by the FOX Theatre showcased the four leading Republican candidates.

It featured zingers galore and multiple heated exchanges. Who won, who lost? Our panels break down what happened in a special one-hour Let It Rip.

On the panel:

Geoffrey Fieger, attorney and long-time Democrat.

Andrew  "Rocky" Raczkowski, a soldier, businessman, conservative and former Lansing lawmaker.

Greg Bowens,  Democratic public relations  consultant.

Thayrone X A conservative radio host from WAAM 1600 AM.

In the second half of the show joining the panel:

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-Michigan)

Pollster Steve Mitchell

And that's not all, we've got Charlie Langton and Charlie LeDuff live in the spin room downtown for some post-debate interviews.