Let It Rip: Kid Rock and the Confederate flag; Detroit graffiti

Part 1: Kid Rock and the Confederate flag

The National Action Network wants to make sure that Kid Rock doesn't use the rebel flag during his summer tour. 

General Motors says there's really no issue and Kid rock's people reveal he stopped using the flag five years ago.  

Did Kid Rock fan the flames with flippant response, or are these protestors chasing a controversy where there really is none.   

(Producer note: Explicit language is used in this segment)

On the panel:

Sam Riddle, political director of National Action Network

Karen Dumas, political insider, businesswoman and friend of Kid Rock

Matt Friedman, public relations expert.

Part 2: Detroit graffiti

Detroit police is cracking down hard on graffiti both the artists and the owners of buildings they paint.

Owners of the buildings have to clean up the mess and can be fined - leaving them feel victimized twice.

On the panel:

Jerry Vile, Detroit artist and founder of erotic display "The Dirty Show"

Detroit businessman Eric Olson

Detroit businessman Hammad Hassan

Megan Moslimani, attorney for the city of Detroit