Let It Rip: Police chases; The Confederate flag

 Part 1: Police chases

A fleeing suspect who hit five children killing two on Detroit's east side Wednesday has many questioning the merits of some police chases.

Is the benefit worth the risks - especially in populated areas is what some are asking.

On the panel:

Pat Berry, Detroit resident whose son was an innocent bystander killed due to a police chase.

Ralph Godbee, former Detroit police chief

Ron Scott, leader of Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality.

Part 2: The Confederate flag

PRODUCER NOTE: Explicit language is used in this clip.

A symbol of southern pride or one of racist hate?

On the panel:

Jim Johnson, conservative commentator, WOMC personality.

Amyre Makupson, former WKBD-50 anchor and reporter.

Sam Riddle, former political aide, National Action Network political director.

Part 3: On the Road 

Do you agree with the Confederate flag being outlawed?