Huel Perkins and Monica Gayle Let It Rip - one last time

On the eve of Huel Perkins' and Monica Gayle's retirement - they are in the guest chairs for a special edition of Let It Rip. It's usual co-host Charlie Langton running the show, asking the questions for Huel and Monica.

"We were a partnership on the set and a partnership offset - and I don't mean that, with how that sounds," Monica said, laughing. "I am just so grateful and happy that we got to have this time together. I really am."

"It is extremely rare, but Monica and I from the very first time we met, knew we would be together as an anchor team - for perpetuity," Huel said. "We are able to communicate sometimes without even speaking to each other. We know what we are thinking, we know what we are feeling. We know what the audience, I think, is feeling.

"And we are blessed to have had a great team. My God, you guys are phenomenal. You really are."

During the show Huel and Monica cover:

  • How they got their start and how quickly Detroit became home.
  • The infamous giant cloud of dust from the Hudson's building implosion downtown.
  • How Let It Rip got its start.
  • Favorite memories and plans for their retirement.

Former WJBK TV-2 Meteorologist Chris Edwards joins the panel along with current Chief Meteorologist Rich Luterman and Sports Director Dan Miller are along for the ride and share their thoughts as well.