Let it Rip Weekend: 28 dispensaries, is that too much marijuana for Warren?

The Marijuana Settlement coming out of Warren gained a lot of attention recently, and with Mayor James Fouts choosing to veto the council’s decision not to accept the settlement, people are unsure how much marijuana is too much for the city?

On this week’s Let it Rip Weekend, FOX 2’s Charlie Langton talked about what’s next for Warren. But first, he invited Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D) and Congressman Paul Mitchell (R) to talk about a potential second stimulus package. 

As a democrat and with no hesitation, Dingell made it clear that she is all for another stimulus package. 

“We need the stimulus package,” she said. “People are hurting in Michigan and people are hurting all over the country. So, if we weren’t meeting, wouldn’t be able to get it. “

While Mitchell agreed with Dingell that a stimulus package is need, he explained how he felt that there needs to be a clear consensus on where the money is actually going. For example, Governor Whitmer recently announced that she would like to receive a $100-million-dollar stimulus package in Michigan, however, according to Mitchell, she never explained where that money will be going to. 

“What she hasn’t done is described what it will be used for,” Mitchell said. “We need to stop the idea of give me a slush fund, and I ‘ll let you know the idea later.”

Dingell responded by jumping to Whitmer’s defense and explaining how the governor clearly said she hopes to use a portion of the money for extending unemployment. 

“I would respectfully disagree with Paul,” Dingell said. “In her (Whitmer) letter, she specifically said we need to focus on extending the state’s unemployment. These are things we can do at the state level.”

Towards the end of the segment, Langton asked both Dingell and Mitchell if a second stimulus package seems realistic.

Dingell said it’s possible if the republicans are willing to support it. Mitchell said there needs to be compromise coming from both parties to get the process moving. 

Moving to the second segment, Marijuana Settlement in Warren. Recently the Warren City Council decided not to accept the settlement, which would have allowed 28 dispensaries to be spread throughout the city. 

Langton invited President of the Warren Council, Pat Green, and Council Member, Jonathan Lafferty, to come on and speak about the controversy that stemmed from the council’s decisions. During Tuesday’s council meeting, Green voted for the settlement and Lafferty voted against it.  

During the Let it Rip taping, Green explained that he voted support the settlement, because he strives on financially making Warren a better place. 

“This is a loss of city revenue, this is a loss of renovating structures across the entire city and I think this is something we need to address and put closure on based on what previous council did,” Green said. 

While some say the settlement could have helped the city out with a $48,000 a day liability fee and $10 million dollars that came from the 31 parties that sued Warren, Lafferty said he just couldn’t jump on board because it he doesn’t think it’s beneficial for the residents. 

“This is a bad deal for all my neighbors, all of our neighborhoods and now it’s time for us to go back to the table and start working on a real settlement that restores a certain amount of licenses, medical licenses, while protecting our neighborhoods from further litigations.”
Lafferty went on to say the settlement does nothing but support Mayor Fouts’ administration’s wrong doing. 

In the settlement, it shows that 22 out of the 28 dispensaries would be placed south of I-696. Green explained how this was not intentional. 

“The zoning dictates that they go into commercial areas away from residential zoning areas,” Green said. 

Shortly after the council voted not to accept the settlement, Mayor Fouts decided to veto their decision. Green said while he voted in support of the settlement, he’s a little concerned with Fouts’ language in his reasoning to veto. He said it makes “no sense.”

“The mayor is breaking rules by giving licenses to grow, when there are no set ordinances,” Green said. 

Lafferty agreed with Green and said if there are ordinances made, it should come from the council. 

In the end, Lafferty said if there are going to be dispensaries in the city, they should be equally spread out. Green said when it comes to this settlement and others, it all boils down to funding within Warren and what’s best financially.