Let It Rip Weekend: Free-range parenting and Ben Carson presidential candidacy

After letting their 10 and 6-year-old kids walk home from the park alone, a pair of Maryland parents was investigated by Child Protective Services.  The say they were practicing "free-range" parenting to teach their children independence, but now there is an open investigation against them for at least the next five years.  Where does the line fall between teaching a child to be independent and parental negligence? 

On the panel:

Lisa LaGrou, founder of oaklandcountymoms.com

Laura Kellett, Michigan Children's Law Center

Preparations have already started for the 2016 presidential election and this week conservative candidate and Detroit-native Ben Carson announced his campaign.  Can Carson attract African-American voters?

On the panel:

Janine Kateff 14th Congressional district chair

Brandon Norris, Black Youth Project 100