Lincoln Park High School students allegedly smoke meth in bathroom, police investigating

Four Lincoln Park High School students were taken to the hospital after allegedly smoking meth in a bathroom stall on Thursday.

The school's superintendent, Terry Dangerfield, sent a letter to families addressing the incident.

"The safety and well-being of all Lincoln Park Public Schools students, families and staff is our top priority," Dangerfield said.

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School administrators said after learning of the incident they searched the students and immediately contacted police.

"Out of concern for their safety and health, we had the students transported to a local hospital for a medical evaluation as they appeared to be under the influence," Dangerfield said.

Lincoln Park police confirmed that the substance was methamphetamine (meth).

"What's really sad is the drugs they are using are deadly. They're being laced with fentanyl," said Linda Davis, the executive director of Families Against Narcotics. "Every story ends the same. These kinds of drugs either end up with you being in jail, or you end up dead, or you seek recovery which is what we hope these girls do."

According to the school, the involved students recorded a video of themselves and shared it on social media.

"It's shocking from the standpoint that when I was young, these drugs would have been considered horribly dangerous, and we would have been afraid of them. But we've desensitized kids," Davis said.

"We are extremely disappointed by this incident. We ask that all our families take the time to speak to their children about the dangers of illegal drug use," Dangerfield said.

The students involved in the incident face potential disciplinary action including expulsion, and they face potential charges resulting from the police investigation, according to a statement by Lincoln Park High School.

"I don't think we're taking enough action as a nation and really putting all we've got into this. I think we're going to see the ages continue to get younger and younger," Davis said.

Davis said Families Against Narcotics offers recovery options outside criminal charges.

"We are continuously impressed by the integrity of our students, families, and staff, and I am confident our community will come together to help ensure the students involved in this incident receive the help and support they need," said Dangerfield. "Additionally, we will continue to maintain our focus on a culture of compassion, respect, and sound judgment, so we do our part to reinforce the dangers of illegal drug use on or off school property."

Lincoln Park High School said they are working with police during their investigation.