Lincoln Park police respond to reported threat against Pokemon players

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More than 100 Pokémon Go players are told to leave Council Point park in Lincoln Park after someone reported that a black man was making racial threats.

According to the News-Herald -- that report was unfounded. But for players told to leave the area by police, there were some tense moments.

"I was over there on the path and the cop cars were on the actual path telling everyone to get out," said Pokémon player Matthew Slusher.

Slusher say if there ever is someone who appears to be a threat -- the Pokémon players will be ready to act.

"I don’t think anything would actually go down, because if something did we might actually swarm that person and apprehend him," he said.

The park is a popular place for Pokémon players -- but police remind everyone -- that it closes at dusk.