LinkedIn testing ways to incorporate videos into your feed

FILE - LinkedIn logo displayed on a smartphone with LinkedIn on screen seen in the background, in this photo illustration. (Photo by Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

LinkedIn is testing new ways to distribute video to users, the company confirmed to FOX Television Stations Sunday. 

"Videos are rapidly becoming one of our members’ favorite formats to learn from other professionals and experts," the company said in an email. 

They’re testing different methods to help users more easily discover timely, relevant videos to watch on the platform, the company said. 

Details weren’t shared but some users on LinkedIn have already begun sharing demos and details of what they’re beginning to see, including one user who showed a "video" tab appearing next to the "home" button at the bottom of the app’s navigation bar. 

Other reports have described a scrollable video feed similar to TikTok as what's coming. 

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TikTok’s fate in the U.S. is still being determined, while about 170 million Americans, most of whom skew younger, rely on the video-sharing app that’s under Chinese ownership to both entertain and inform them. 

Plenty of hashtags have generated on TikTok pertaining to work, such as those offering motivation or career advice.

LinkedIn didn’t say when the feature would be rolling out.

This story was reported from Detroit.