Lions fans BAC second highest in the league

The 2015 season has been woeful for the Detroit Lions. Sitting at 1-6, the team is back in Detroit and licking its wounds in the bye week. Maybe that has something to do with the results of a recent study.

The Detroit Lions fans are the second-drunkest fan base in the NFL, according to BACtrack.

The study found that Detroit fans have an average blood-alcohol level of 0.069%, which is tied with the Philadelphia Eagles fans. However, the study ranked Detroit a notch above.

Good news: Lions fans are almost a full percentage point behind the Buffalo Bills who have an average BAC of 0.076%.

There is some other good news, too. The study found that fans' average BAC does not correlate to a team's win-loss record. For instance, Tennessee has a 1-5 record but fans have just a 0.021% BAC. Plus, New England and Green bay were both undefeated going into the week but both had a nearly idental BAC, 0.041% and 0.042%, respectively

Believe it or not, that number is even higher than it was in the preseason when Lions fans, on average, had a BAC of 0.054, which at the time was third in the league behind Buffalo and the Arizona Cardinals.

Click here for the rest of the data BACtrack found and how they came to these results.