Littering on Steroids: Winds blow garbage from Washtenaw landfill into Wayne County

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The high winds caused a messy problem in Washtenaw County where garbage was flying from the large landfill and into nearby communities.

The Arbor Hills Sanitary Landfill at 6 Mile and Napier was blown apart by the strong winds, sending trash flying throughout homes nearby.

The 50 to 60 mile an hour winds are to blame but some also say the dump itself is at fault. Joe Long used to live in the area and says the landfill is taking over.

"A few years from now if they don't stop what's going on, these houses are going to be dumps and it's too bad because these are beautiful," Long said.

The garbage dump is in Washtenaw County but the trash is all blowing over into Wayne County.

FOX 2 called the landfill who said that they were going to limit dumping and possibly stop it altogether while the wind howls.

They also said they would work with Northville Officials to go on their property and they already got a small crew of people to pick up the trash.

Northville Township Manager, Chip snider, called this a "littering complaint on steroids". He suggests residents who have a complaint, call the Department of Environmental Quality.