Livonia water main project interrupts service, causes headaches

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It is a multi-million dollar project replacing aging water mains in Livonia.

But some residents complain it's taking too long, tearing up their yards, and interrupting their service.

Some residents in a Livonia community say they're upset over what this water main replacement project is doing to their community. They say their yards are torn up, streets are blocked and the area is being invaded by heavy machinery.

"It was really inconvenient to try to get into my driveway," said resident Seneca Scott. "I couldn't find anyone to move the truck to get into the driveway."

Her next door neighbor says crews had to go into her backyard and were careless about the gate and her dog got loose.

"It was obvious they had not closed my gate and it took over an hour to get my dog," said Nikki Hanselman.

City leaders say this is a $7.2 million project designed to replace old and aging water mains that had breaks in the past. 

"We're trying to improve water quality for our residents and replace fire hydrants," said Todd Zilincik, city engineer.

The city says some residents may see a disruption in water service at times as work continues, adding the project is taking longer than initially planned.

"There were some issues with a couple of streets in which the sub-contractor had fallen behind and they brought in additional support to help," said Zilincik.

City officials say this project is all about progress but they hear the residents’ concerns and are taking them seriously.

"I appreciate their patience anytime you have construction there will be inconvenience for all parties involved any concerns we have inspectors on site," said Zilincik.

Officials say the project should be wrapped up by November.

Some residents say they can't wait until this sign of progress, is a sign of the past.

"I'm very happy we are having our services updated that's a great thing it just seems like it's not being done in an efficient way."