Local woman shares her 'Out of the Darkness' story

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One local woman wants to talk about suicide in order to stop suicide.

It's a tragic topic, but we can't avoid talking about suicide and how it can be prevented. For one woman, it was a phone call that triggered that tough conversation.

But this weekend there's an event to raise awareness about suicide, the risk factors and how it is so preventable. One of the people speaking at that event is one of our FOX 2 producers Alicia Sitz.

FOX 2:  tell us why you want to talk about this.

"It's a topic that nobody talks about and there really is no reason not to," Sitz said. "Yes, it's sad but the more people who are aware of that this is an issue the more people can go get help. And by staying silent or being fearful talking about what is happened to you, it makes it more difficult. We should be open about it."

FOX 2: "You always knew something was different you about. You felt different and eventually you were diagnosed with clinical depression and eventually get to the point where you're contemplating suicide."

"It was an overwhelming feeling," Sitz said. "I had always felt something wasn't quite right. I would be happy but not feel that way on the inside. Nothing was ever good enough for me even though I was doing well and stuff."

FOX 2: "There was a friend - and this is an important because we always talk about if you see symptoms or if you have a friend, who is talking about using the word suicide, reach out and somebody reached out to and you that made a huge difference."

"I had an emotional break and a friend started to notice my signs and I gave her just a little hint of what I was thinking of," Sitz said. "And she had gone through it before and she said see, you need to go find help, so we can get you to the right place."

Alicia has a much longer version of her story coming up at the Out of the Darkness Walk Sunday at Kensington Metro Park in Milford.

There are hundreds of Out of the Darkness walks that take place all over the country, but the biggest one in Michigan is happening Sunday at Kensington Metropark in Milford. Families are invited to come and FOX 2's Amy Andrews will be there.

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