Long road ahead for roundabout in West Bloomfield

While it's supposed to make things move faster later, it's a major road block for drivers now. 

They say they're diverted through parking lots on the project that won't wrap up for a few months. But some drivers, like Tim Brewer, already know it's time for a new route.

"This is my first time down here since 14 Mile has been closed. I'm going to avoid at all cost." Brewer said.

That feeling was echoed by SkyFOX during a traffic report on Fox 2's morning news on Tuesday. As SkyFOX flew, we had some advice: Avoid it until it's done.

Not everybody can go around it, however. Nazar Asmr owns Princess Mediterranean Grill in West Bloomfield. he's already noticing a drop in his bottom line.

"Business went down maybe 50 percent," Asmr said.

The $12.8 million project started this week and is funded by federal, state and local dollars. 

Cindy Dingell with the Road Commission for Oakland County say they continue working with area businesses and the community to create awareness but say the construction is progress.

"They do help with traffic congestion and they ease a lot of different issues and this one will have pedestrian cross as well," Dingell said.

As work begins on the roundabout, it meant closing 14 Mile just west of Orchard Lake. 

But officials say things will start looking better in July. That's when they hope to have the north side and west connector lanes coming into the roundabout, However, the project isn't scheduled to wrap up until November and during that time officials want you to stay informed.

Learn more about the project at rcocweb.org and on their Facebook page.