Loyal Kroger shoppers hold vigil outside closed Dearborn store

A lot of upset people in Dearborn today as many gathered for a vigil for a Kroger store, yes you heard right, a Kroger store. 

They waived Kroger cards and lit candles outside the store on Michigan Ave as it shut its doors for good Saturday afternoon. 

The decision to close it was met with protest by loyal shoppers. 

Some decided to hold a vigil and the idea quickly spread, with around 100 people in attendance. 

“This is a community celebration this is what community means to Kroger, the diversity, the inclusion and the respect that the community has for the years of dedication we’ve given to our consumers, this is a celebration of our great associates and the great customers we served every single day,” Kroger Corporate Affairs Manager Rachel Hurst said. 

The store held a special place in the hearts of the community. When the upset shoppers look across the street they see another Kroger store. 

That was a big factor in why the store closed in the first place. 

Kroger officials say laid off employees will be offered jobs at other stores in the area.