Lyon Township Navy vet in need gets new roof

United States Navy veteran Mark Schultz says he is incredibly relieved after receiving his new roof Monday.

"I would try to get up there and patch it, but I'm not a roofer, I paint for a living," he said. "So knowing I have no worries on it anymore, I can actually paint the ceiling now and not have to worry about it leaking."

The Lyon Township man used to have a leaky roof and skylights in need of repairs.

"I priced it (and it is) something I could never afford," Schultz said. "And the guys stepped forward and said 'Well we've got you.'"

On Monday crews from Neighborhood Roofing replaced the veteran's roof for free.

"It's a big deal for us to try to support those people, especially if they need that support," said Tom Meadows, owner, Neighborhood Roofing.  

The Ann Arbor business collaborated with Habitat for Humanity, and Owens Corning, a company that makes shingles and roof insulation. The crews arrived at 7:30 in the morning and Schultz had a new roof before noon.

"A lot of hands make little work, there's a saying like that," Meadows said. "The guys worked really hard and we try to be organized."

Meadows says projects like this take a lot of planning and preparation- but they are worth it.

"It feels really good we all look forward to these, we get really excited," he said.

Meanwhile, Schultz is grateful for the companies and organizations that were there in his time of need.

"Thanks, Tom you and your company did a wonderful job and hats off to Owens Corning as well for all the materials, it is a lovely roof," Schultz said.