Mackinac Bridge closed Thursday due to weather conditions

The Mackinac Bridge (Photo by Amber Ainsworth/FOX 2)

The Mackinac Bridge was closed on Thursday, March 24, to all traffic due to inclement weather conditions.

According to the website for the bridge, the Mighty Mac was closed around 11:30 eastern time, cutting off traffic between the two peninsulas for an unknown amount of time.

As for an alternate route, well, there isn't one. The Mackinac Bridge connects Michigan's two peninsulas across the Mackinac Straits and is more than 26,000 feet long. There is not another 26,000-foot long bridge in the area. The closest way to get to the other side of Michigan is to go around Lake Michigan. Or if you wanted to go international, you could take the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron, but that is an exceptionally long detour.

Truly, the best option is to just wait it out. Drivers will be flagged at both ends of the bridge and informed of the closure.

Once conditions improve, the bridge will reopen.