Macomb Co Public Works Commissioner believes feds are investigating her predecessors

Five public officials and a major waste hauler are already caught up in the federal probe of corruption in Macomb County. Now, Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller believes the feds have their sights set on two bigger fish.

The Macomb Daily says the FBI and federal prosecutors are digging into past practices at the County Public Works Office. Miller says she believes the feds are interested in her predecessor and his long-time lieutenant.

Miller defeated long-time public works commissioner Anthony Marrocco in November. Shortly after taking office, Miller set her sights on Marrocco's top aide, Dino Bucci. Bucci retired after Miller accused him of impropriety.

FOX 2's M.L. Elrick met with Miller, who said her suspicions are based on conversations with some of her employees who worked under Marrocco and Bucci. You can hear more from Miller by watching the interview in the video player above.

Elrick tried to reach Bucci through his lawyer at his Macomb Township office, where he's an elected official. No one has returned the call.

Elrick also left messages for Marrocco.