Macomb County deputy hurt in police chase through 5 cities

A deputy was hurt in pursuit of a suspect that lead police on a wild chase through five cities on Saturday.

Hilario Carmona, 31, was arraigned Monday for fleeing and resisting Warren police.

"It could've been a lot worse. We're lucky, the civilians are lucky, officers are lucky, and hopefully the sheriff that was injured makes a full recovery," said Warren Police Det. Craig Bankowski.

Leading police on a chase through five cities, the Macomb County Sheriff's Office says Saturday morning a deputy tried pulling over Carmona, who was pulling a Uhaul from Utah on Hall road.

Carmona drove over the median, sideswiping a car, and the trailer came off. He got away on I-94 and speeding through Mount Clemens..

While trying to help in the pursuit, a Macomb County deputy was T-boned by another car.
Steven Losada helped the deputy, saying he talked to him to make sure he was OK and cut the seatbelt to free him. The passengers were OK, but the deputy was taken to the hospital. 

Meanwhile, police in Sterling Heights continued trying to catch Carmona speeding through their city, but eventually called off the chase. Carmona took off flying through Warren, going over 105 miles per hour. 

Warren police were finally able to catch Carmona, who got out of his car and began running. Police tackled him to the ground, giving him a dose of pepper spray.

Police learned Carmona had been staying at a hotel nearby, and that he has a history of burglary and credit card fraud. Officials say he is wanted in Texas for probation violations. The deputy is expected to be released.

Carmona was given a $35,000 bond in Warren and is facing even more charges in Macomb County.