Macomb County police initiative addressing increase in pedestrian accidents

A law enforcement initiative is cracking down on the alarming rate of pedestrian-involved accidents in Michigan.

"Just this morning we had a serious pedestrian accident on Hall Road," said Sgt. Kenneth Rumps with the Macomb County Sheriff's Office. "We see that a lot on Hall Road because most of the time the lights are sometimes a mile apart."

The incident is under investigation, but it is believed that the person injured was jaywalking.

"Crash data shows a rise in the number of pedestrian-involved fatalities on Michigan roads over the last three years," according to Michigan State Police. "From 2020 to 2022, a total of 531 pedestrians were killed in Michigan, an increase of 17% over the previous three-year period."

Over the past five years in Michigan, more pedestrians have been killed in October than any other month, MSP says.

Through Nov. 3, Macomb County Sheriff's Office will increase awareness to prevent injuries and fatalities involving pedestrians on roadways. More patrol units will be at busy intersections to make sure drivers and pedestrians are following the law and staying safe.

"They’ll be in those intersections and they'll watch for people jaywalking, or bicyclists not following the bicycle rules, or crossing not at the crosswalks, or even speeding, or when somebody pulls up and they stop in a crosswalk – that’s a violation," Rumps said. "They will pull people over, and they'll log it all in. And either they give them a ticket or –what we’ve been doing too is– it looks just like a ticket, but it's a verbal warning."


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The initiative is supported by federal traffic safety funds provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is coordinated by the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning and has involved several law enforcement departments, including Detroit police and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

Between 2018 and 2022, Macomb County had 60 Pedestrian deaths and was ranked number three for deadly accidents in the state.

Two women who work along Hall Road told Fox 2 this enforcement is necessary.

"I’ve worked here for seven years and at least five people a day I see cross the high speed road," said Cymantha Hummel, a worker at Juan Miguels in Clinton Township.

Even when this initiative is over, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

"Keep focused on the road, leave your phones down, just focus on the road. That way you can see everything that’s going to happen in front of you," Rumps said.

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