Macomb grade school hosts honor walk to recognize veterans

Some elementary students in Macomb Township are happily honoring those who have served. 
They thanked our veterans with a special event at their school. Together they walked with honor at Cheyenne Elementary School.

David Clark was invited to Cheyenne Elementary school in Clinton Township by his great grandson Johnny Bombrusco.

It was the Macomb County school's first veteran's Walk of Honor -- an event this former Marine, who served in the Vietnam War, was more than happy to attend.

"In 1969 when I came home I didn't get any kind of reception like this anywhere," Clark said. "We were the bad guys. I am glad to see what is happening now, these veterans deserve everything that they can get."

Every year the school creates a wall of honor where students and their families add names and photos of military members who have served or are currently serving like Allen Gabriel.

"It gives the kids appreciation to the veterans on Veterans Day and I believe it is a very good idea," Gabriel said.

This year the veterans are part of a special walk of honor through the school halls - followed by a silent dismissal and playing of taps.

It is a way for all generations to show their appreciation for veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our country and freedom. Just looking at Gabriel's 4th grade daughter's face says it all.

"This made me feel happy because seeing these kids actually want to appreciate veterans that have served or are serving this country, it makes me feel proud and happy they are doing this," she said.

The photos will remain on the wall all month long at the school.