Madison Heights ramen restaurant deploys robotic server that uses cat expressions

A robot server bringing food to a patron's table is probably what people had in mind for the future, right?

That's what Noodle Topia in Madison Heights is embracing, after employing Bella, a robot with the capabilities of a server, but the face of a cat.

The latest in food delivery technology, Bella scoots around the floor with four shelves carrying dishes - making it the perfect attribution for the ramen-focused restaurant.

BellaBot, designed by Pudu from China, uses 3D sensors that allow it to navigate the chaotic nature of a restaurant. It also can interact with customers via its touch-sensitive exterior that uses dozens of expressions in the form of a cat. 

While the robot lacks arms and requires the help of a human touch to move food from its trays to the table, it does say "thank you" when confronting a customer.

A promo video of BellaBot shows it guiding people to their table, abiding by voice commands, and knowing when a meal has left its tray.

The robotic edition to Noodle Topia was first reported by Eater Detroit.

Check out Bella and all her autonomy at the restaurant, which is located on John R Road in Madison Heights.