Madison Heights woman mugged in her driveway for late husband's wedding rings

A Madison Heights woman was mugged in her own driveway, the thief getting away with her husband’s wedding rings that she wore on a chain around her neck.  

“They were my husband's wedding rings that I gave to him when we got married 23 years ago and he passed away in July. They mean the world to me because that’s all I got left,” Sandy Moore said. 

It was Tuesday morning around 6:45 when Sandy says she came face-to-face with a masked man. She had just gotten home from work. 

She saw him a couple of houses away in her Madison Heights neighborhood.

“When I turned to see him he was right there in my face, never made a sound,” she said. “And he was on me and had a hold of my necklaces.”

“I was like, 'No you are not taking this and you’re not going to knock me down, I’m not gonna let you.' We fought all the way down the driveway to the street and when I got to where the approach was, my foot rolled off the cement,” she said.

And that’s when she said he ripped the chain off her neck and ran off. 

“He never went for my purse,” Moore said. 

Sandy says he never stopped her from screaming and he himself never made a sound.

“He was probably 5' 10" to 6’0”, green hoodie, black jeans and white tennis shoes and he had this weird mask, it was like a doctor mask but it was like leather and really bright white,” she said. 

And the wedding rings:

“One is just a gold band but it’s really big because my husband had huge fingers, like a size 12. The other is a gold band with like starburst with little diamonds. All I really what is the wedding rings back, I can't go buy another wedding ring, it’s not the same thing, he won’t be here for me to put it on his finger." 

If you have any information about the stolen rings, please call Madison Heights Police.