MAGA hat showdown in DC; shutdown drags on

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Part 1: The MAGA showdown that went viral

It's the story that went viral this weekend a group of teens wearing maga hats appear to harrass a Native American Vietnam war veteran in Washington.

But it turns out almost none of that was true. So what happened?

On the panel:
Andrew Shefts, Hillsdale College student who was at the Washington rally
Karen Dumas, pr expert and political insider
Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski, chairman of Oakland County Republicans
Chastity Pratt Dawsey, reporter Bridge Magazine 

Part 2: The shutdown and the possible compromise is the big story.

After 34 days are we any closer to re-opening the federal government and getting some 800,000 employees a paycheck?

On the panel:
Joe Chiebowski, a TSA Inspector who supports the shutdown.

Part 3: On the Road
Charlie Langton asks metro Detroit about the shutdown.