Make-A-Wish donations stolen from Utica Dave and Busters

Police in Utica are looking for a thief who stole donation money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation from Dave and Busters. 

The suspect was caught on camera using a sledgehammer to bust open the Make-A-Wish video game, and then stealing cash from the ATM. 

Utica police Det. Greg Morabito says the guy broke in around 4 a.m., and his first target was the video game containing a glass case that held the donations. You can see him kick the machine and then he walks off camera, brings back a sledgehammer and uses it to open the case.

Then he takes a container holding business cards, throws the cards on the ground and uses the container to collect the money. 

"That money goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation; that's for sick kids that want a vacation or just a little break from their chemotherapy," Morabito said. And the suspect didn't stop there. 

Next you see him going to the nearby ATM. He uses the sledgehammer over and over until the machine finally opens, and he takes the cash box from two machines. 

"He could've just taken the money from the ATM and left Make-A-Wish money alone," Morabito said. "How do you work up that much guts to take money from sick kids? How did you not notice that? It says Make-A-Wish all over the machine."

Police weren't sure how much money the suspect got away with. 

If you recognize the suspect or know anything about what happened, call Utica police.