Making game day snacks with Scotty O'Hotty

You can get Scotty O'Hotty sauces at Meijer, Kroger and other grocery retailers. Scott and Suzi Owens joined us on The Nine to show us how to use some of those sauces for the perfect game day snack. 

You can get their recipe for wings, and cheese dip below. 

Scotty O'Hotty Wicked Wings

Prepare boneless chicken wings:
DRY MIX: Add 2 cups Crispy Mix brand fry mix in a 2 quart container (with lid)
WET MIX: Add 2 cups Crispy Mix brand fry mix with 1 cup water in a separate bowl
Preheat vegetable or canola oil in a stock pot (or deep fryer) to 375° F
Submerge the chicken pieces into the WET MIX until coated
Transfer the chicken pieces to the DRY MIX. Make sure to do this step in small batches and to let the excess wet mix off of the chicken when transferring.
Put the lid on the container and shake it up!
With tongs, add the chicken pieces (1 at a time) to the fryer. 
Cook for 3-4 minutes (Hint; the chicken will float when it is near done) Check for internal temp of 165°F.
(Cheat- you can also use frozen wings or any store bought wings for this recipe.)

Wicked Sauce
In a small sauce pan combine;
2 parts Scotty O'Hotty Gourmet Hot Sauce 
1 part butter or margarine

THIS EQUALS; 2 Bottles Scotty O'Hotty and 1 stick of butter
Heat on LOW until butter is melted (stir often)
Toss prepared wings into saucepan to coat then transfer to serving platter
Serve with Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing and celery sticks

Game Day SOH cheese dip
1. 16oz sharp Velveeta cheese
2. 10.5oz (1can) Hormel chili (no beans)
3.  4oz  Scotty O'Hotty Suzi's  Garden Salsa
4. 1 bottle of Scotty O'Hotty's Beer Bacon Chipotle or Roasted Pepper Sauce (Mild)
5. 3oz of cream cheese
6. 3 TBS of sour cream
1. Add all ingredients except sour cream into a medium size crock pot on medium heat. Takes about 1 hour in crock pot, stir every 20 minutes. (This also can be done in the microwave with a microwave safe bowl or with stove top pan on low)
2. Stir ingredients when cheese starts to melt.
3. When completely melted stir in sour cream
4. If you want to kick it up a notch add a splash of SOH Premium Habanero, The Ghost Sauce or Reaper de Muerte. 
5.  Serve warm with your favorite chips, pretzel rolls, beer & enjoy!