Man, 90, waits years for city to clear blight next door

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All William Lamanski wants for his 90th birthday is for the blight next to his Detroit home to be cleaned up. He's been begging the city for years to clean up the fire-damaged homes. The vacant home has even started to fall on his property.

He even spoke with FOX 2 about it in November of 2013.

"It was a nice neighborhood. It really was,” he said.

Since then, it's just gotten worse. The ruins are infested with rodents and prime sites for illegal dumpers.

"The mayor and all other big councilman, they wouldn't want that next door to them. So why should I live next door to something like that?" he asks.

William doesn't even feel safe walking around on his property. He's worried some of the leaning remains of this house could fall down on him.

Now the city is finally taking action, telling us neither house next to William's is owned by the city, but the one in better condition was recently sold through the Wayne county auction.

As for the mess next to his house, it is scheduled to be cleared through the city's "quality of life fund." We're still waiting to hear a date.

"I still can't figure out why it's taken so long,” said Lamanski.

This is a day of new hope for William and perhaps a sign of more progress to come for the neighborhood.

"I'm happy if they get all the stuff cleaned up. That would be a good birthday present for me,” said Lamanski.